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    About Times Public School

    TPS – An Overview

    Times Public School, 10 HMH, Hanumangarh‐Tibbi‐Gurusar Road, Kartarpur Colony, Hanumangarh Town, is yet another laudable initiative by the highly reputed Times Educational Group Hanumangarh to promote quality education to children in our country, especially in Hanumangarh and adjoining areas.

    Since its inception on 01st April 2007, TPS Hanumangarh has shaped into a vibrant school with Tpsties and educators collaborating actively to actualize a progressive curriculum on the powerful insight of Hattie, Gardner, D‐Bono and others.

    Spread over a span of more than 02 acres of landscaped campus with excellent sports facilities, air‐ cooled digital classrooms and activity areas, specialized IT and Science Labs, White Head Coding and Atal Tinkering Lab and self‐owned fleet of buses with GPRS, CCTV surveillance facility and efficient ERP system, the school is enthusiasm personified.

    The IT and pedagogical skill sets of our educators and students have grown phenomenally, especially through various in‐house activities like TED talks, MOOCS, creative group activities, stage friendly environments along with explorations through Robotics, Coding world, Olympiads, Inter‐school and inter house cultural activities, excursions and special focus on practical learning and hands on experience. There is high priority focus on teacher training in new areas of learning.

    Our positive initiative like Personal Development Programmes, Student Leadership Programme and discovering New Perspective in Parent School Partnership, Mentoring Students, Happy Tube Together, Red Revolution, School Enterprise and Student Council are eminently successful. With all the new avenues and our versatility to explore new ventures and enhance quality education, ensures that TPS Hanumangarh is a school on the move with happiness and camaraderie in abundance.

    Mission & Vision


    We endeavor to foster and nurture the leaders of tomorrow by creating an environment for students where physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual growth and overall development is given utmost importance. TPS Hanumangarh treats each child as a unique individual and develops him/her to the maximum potential by providing a variety of learning experiences.


    Our vision is to build integrated, young students who are capable of fulfilling their dreams and becoming aesthetically rich and capable members of the society. Therefore, we aim to transform lives by creating and sharing knowledge while instilling values that prepare leaders for tomorrow.

    Our Guide Times Group of Educational Society

    The Times Group of Educational Society is the central guiding force of all educational institutes which are co‐educational in Hanumangarh itself, imparting quality education to thousands of children. From its inception in 2007, the Group has been a treasure trove of excellent practices in education.

    The Group is governed by a committee comprising of distinguished personalities from various spheres of life, who have sellessly guided the Group over the years to keep pace with changing times and helped in formulating proactive policies in the larger interest of learners under its guidance care.

    It’s Motto…. “Service Before Self”

    Our founding fathers perceived the act of imparting and receiving education to be a selfless one. True education must ignite the desire to serve others, better our world and willingly give in order to truly receive. Hence, the words, “Service Before Self” are proudly carried by the emblem of the Times Group of Education.

    By choosing the progressive colour, they committed our school to a constant striving for growth through new ideas, new efforts and new outcomes.